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Scientific Software Development

We build solutions which enable scientists to achieve breakthroughs, help developers solve harder problems faster, and empower customers to achieve world-class results.


Software expertise combined with domain knowledge to achieve results

We develop projects from first principles to arrive at expressive, efficient, and maintainable solutions

Domain Specialties

  • Physical Simulation: simulating physics to uncover results
  • Numerical Optimization: finding better solutions to open problems
  • Performance Improvements: reducing compute expenses and lowering time-to-iterate

Project Types

  • Simulation Libraries: building frameworks for specifying, exploring, and solving problems
  • Design Tooling: combining subject matter experts with performant tools to design better products
  • Visualization: understanding data and results interactively
Example Julia code


Language Specialties


Renowned for "walking like Python, but running like C," we use Julia to solve difficult problems with superior performance.

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In difficult, safety-critical environments, we leverage Rust to produce reliable solutions we can trust without sacrificing speed.

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With excellent language interoperability and wide availabilty, Python provides an excellent interaction layer to our tools in other languages.

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Working on Tough Problems

The toughest problems don't have obvious solutions. We're comfortable working in exploratory subjects where the answer takes shape as new results are found along the way.

Starting from an initial discovery phase, our experience charting unknown waters enables us to propose high level solutions, highlight expected pain points, and advise on what the optimal product looks like.

• From simulating nanoscale optics to planning renewable power plants, we've built tools to represent, explore, and optimize systems

• We provide domain experts with better tools to explore ideas which enable new discoveries and IP development

• By combining complex system simulations with distributed computing, we reduce time to solve while improving results

• Whether it's thousands of small simulations or generating one final design, we understand the importance of trusting your tools and build accordingly

• With our experience deploying scientific code into the cloud, we know how to design for reliability

• Deploying at scale requires building proactively- we prepare for the worst and deliver the best

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